GRIME History

Since 1991, GRIME has been an organization that has enabled those interested in gender research in music education to network and find supportive colleagues. GRIME International holds organizational meetings at the Feminist Theory and Music conference, held in odd-numbered years. A growing and international organization, in 2011 GRIME International membership reflected 232 members from 14 countries working in all levels of music education. GRIME’s newsletters have been published 1991-2009 and the GRIME-L listserv for networking, posting conference notices, job listings, research questions and information about gender issues has been available since 1995. In 1998 the MENC Gender SRIG formed (now known as NAfME Gender and Sexuality SRIG) and in 2002 the on-line journal GEMS (Gender, Education, Music and Society) began publication. Since its inception, GRIME has proven to be an invaluable resource for music education gender researchers.

GRIME International – Historical Leadership (elections at Feminist Theory and Music Conferences, odd-numbered years)

Miroslav Pavle Manovski, chair 2015 (FMT 13)
Jennifer Blackwell and Miroslav Pavle 
Manovski, co-chairs 2013 (FMT 12)

Joseph Abramo and Melissa Natale-Abramo, co-chairs 2011 (FMT 11)
Monique Buzzarté and Beth Denisch, co-chairs 2009 (FMT 10)
Elizabeth Keathley, chair 2007 (FMT 9), 2005 (FTM 8)
Elizabeth Gould, chair 2003 (FTM 7), 2001 (FTM 6)
Patricia (Patti) O’Toole, chair 1999 (FTM 5)
Roberta Lamb, chair 1997 (FTM 4), 1995 (FTM 3), 1993 (FTM 2), 1991 (FTM 1)

NAfME Gender and Sexuality SRIG (formerly MENC Gender SRIG) – Historical Leadership
(elections at NAfME, formerly MENC, Conferences, even-numbered years)
Patrick K. Freer, chair 2012; Sondra Howe, chair-elect
Glenda Cosenza, chair 2010; Sondra Howe, vice-chair
Vince Bates, chair 2008; Glenda Cosenza, vice-chair
Kathleen (Kate) McKeage, chair 2006; Vince Bates, vice-chair
Jill Sullivan and Elizabeth Keathley, co-chairs, 2004; Kathleen (Kate) McKeage, vice-chair
Elizabeth Gould, chair 2000; Eleanor Stubley, vice-chair
Patricia (Patti) O’Toole, chair 1998; Elizabeth Gould, vice-chair